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Web and mobile development filed is became demanded due to modern business needs. Having a website or mobile application is not just the face of a business, but also a connection with your clients and customers. This may also be perceived as the first impression of your business. Serviceable product functioning has such an important impact on many aspects which will affect your business results in the future.

Building a roadmap

Building a website or a mobile application is a comprehensive task which takes knowledge and experience to do it right. If you are about to start developing your project, you will probably need to build a project roadmap firstly. A project roadmap is a high-level, easy-to-understand overview of the important pieces of a project. It’s a resource that you can share with anyone to provide a quick snapshot of the work’s aims, important milestones, key deliverables, dependencies, and possible risks. A project roadmap is appropriate for many types of projects, including a marketing plan, strategy, project portfolio management, etc.

Now you’re seeing the picture of your project more clear and you can plan the next steps of its developing. There are some main subjects while creating an application, so we are going to review the main points.

Develop an attractive design

One of the most important things worth to remember during the process of website or application development is to create a clean, attractive design. You can have perfect development tools, but without a good design, it would be extremely hard to catch the attention of your potential users or investors in the marketplace. The design is a wide field in the tech industry and demands a deep knowledge to make one or the other product to comply with the requirements of quality.

Branding and color scheme

No matter, if your business large or small, it is highly important to pay attention to the stage of branding. Start with a professionally designed logo as it could catch customers attention and make them keep in mind the image of your business. Work on a suitable color scheme depending on a brand vision. Remember that your goal while working on branding is to solidify your brand’s identity. After design and branding are on the willingness, you can proceed to the development stage.

Web development

There are a lot of different website building platforms around the market such as WordPress, Wix, Joomla, Drupal and many more. It is not a problem to build your website from scratch, but it is not recommended to choose that way in case if you or your developers do not have sufficient time for long-term development.

To create a simple website, you need to consider the things below:


1. Domain Name – the commonplace the user will find your site on the World Wide Web. For example, is a domain name. You can purchase your own domain or get a free one offered by many different online companies. Domains have come down in price drastically over recent years, and can now be found for under $10 USD.

2. Webhost – this is a company that will “host” your domain and web pages. By “uploading” your “data” – transferring the files that make up your website – to their server, you give the consumer access to your page on the Internet.

3. Text Editor program and a little knowledge of HTML – HTML, or Hypert-text markup language is the most basic of the web-languages. All you really need to develop a web page is some basic knowledge of HTML and the Windows program Notepad (the Macintosh equivalent is TextEdit). A page is written in this “markup language” can contain images, links, text formatting, etc., and its file extension is .html. After you type your page into one of these free programs (or any other pay programs), upload the file to your hosting. A user’s browser will then be able to decipher the HTML.

4. FTP Program – FTP stands for file transfer protocol and is the most common method of uploading your files to your hosting. When you register a domain name and secure space online for your data, your web host will give you an FTP user name and password. By typing these into one of the numerous [free FTP programs], you can access your webspace and upload your website.

Frontend and Backend services

Front-end development serves as the creation of an intuitive and business concentric user experiences for web applications or website and also improves web performance.
It takes 0.05 seconds for an average user to form an opinion of a business by looking at its website. Therefore, the programming and layout with design, functionality, and navigation experience play a vital role in the site.

A great website couldn’t exist without a good functioning backend. It is well known from funny pictures on Reddit to the longreads about the backend and frontend completing each other in the software development. If you want your website to be able to impact a “wow effect” to your users, take care about strong backend part.

Consider that the capital may vary depending on the complexity of the website. If we speak about a simple website run by one person, the expenses may be as small as paying for the domain and yearly hosting fees.  Websites get more complex and intricate each year, so the amount of capital increases proportionally. It just makes sense, the bigger the website you want, the more people, money, and technology you’re going to need.


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