Прайс-лист поддержки

BigDigitals provides 4 types of plans: Basic, Standard, Full and VIP tariff plan. Each of them includes two services — website maintenance and content adding/editing.

The website maintenance includes layout and optimization, adding new blocks, modules, screens, updating plugins and CMS, testing.
Adding/editing content includes publishing new materials, adding media content, creating backups, updating (replacing) content, testing.

DescriptionHours$ per 1 hourCost
 Basic Tariff Plan 5
Content adding/editing (once a week)3 $15$45
   Website maintenance2 $20$40
Subtotal, $$85
DescriptionHours$ per 1 hourCost
 Standard Tariff Plan20
Content adding/editing (twice a week)10 $15$150
   Website maintenance10 $20$200
Subtotal, $$350
DescriptionHours$ per 1 hourCost
 Full Tariff Plan 50
Content adding/editing (3 times per week)20 $15$300
   Website maintenance30 $20$600
Subtotal, $$900
Special price$799
DescriptionHours$ per 1 hourCost
Vip Tariff Plan (Unlimited)100
Content adding/editing (3 times per week)35 $15$525
   Website maintenance65 $20$1 300
Subtotal, $$1 825
Special price$1 499