ELLO – Global music videos

Goal: To develop a platform for distributing music video content for the web, as well as iOS and Android platforms. Creating individual video recommendations for users and counting video ratings. Monetization of the service using advertising sites. Developing publishing tools. We try to develop a good solution both for clients and their customers.

ELLO today is a music website and video channel on YouTube. The channel was created by the great music company Symbolic Entertainment Group LLC.

Technologies: HTML5/CSS3/JS, PHP/Symfony, PostgreSQL, Java (Android), Objective-C/Swift (iOS)

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Looking for the best breakfast or lunch during the working day, or choosing a restaurant for dinner? The LunchPoint application is your reliable daily assistant. In order to find an inexpensive menu nearby you do not need to know the restaurant name or address in advance.

LunchPoint is a service which unites the database of restaurants: their menus, discounts, posters about future events using geolocation data. One click and you can order food, book a table, choose the best place for meeting. The service was developed for the UK market and is very popular among European youths.

In addition to finding the menu in one click, you can book a table, order food delivery, write reviews and upload photos, choose the restaurant where your favorite music is playing today, or take advantage of special offers and discounts.

Technologies: PHP/Yii2, MySQL, HTML5/CSS3/JS, Java (Android), Objective-C (iOS)

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Service for the SEO and promotion of the conversion of advertisements.

Dry Baby

Landing for the advertising company “Dry Baby”. The company deals with diapers, one of the largest distributors of baby goods.

Skills:  CSS3, HTML5, javascript.

EYE-t – Farmaplant

Goal: Development of a promo site for an innovative medical product.

We consider it very important to support the development of technology and medicine. That is why we helped the EYE-T project to develop a web page in accordance with the client’s target audience.

The main skills that we used:

  • UX / UI design,
  • MySQL,
  • PHP,
  • JavaScript,
  • CSS3
  • HTML
  • WordPress/li>

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GTF Shop

Online store for the company selling furniture.

Skills: OpenCart, CSS3, HTML5, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Agile Software Development, Internet Marketing, E-commerce Platform Development.

Juspen Capital

Creating a corporate website for financial company “Jaspen Capital”.

Skills: CSS3, HTML5, PHP.

Global Trade Business

Development of landing page for the manufacturer of office furniture.

Skills: CSS3, HTML5, javascript, PHP.


Design for the online store cosmetics.

Skills: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.