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How to organize a software development team to boost your business

If you have your own company with size more than five-ten employees, you may have been thinking about how to structure your software development team. Here are some proven methods that will help you set up an organization plan for your team. Want to maximize team productivity and boost your business success? Keep reading then!

Think about how big your team is

The larger your team, the faster and more productive it works, and the better results it is able to achieve. Anyway, a team with a lot of people could be less productive than a small one. A larger team usually need extra communication channels, as a result, it can lead to additional expenses. Obviously, for large businesses, it is highly advisable to hire the exactly needed number of developers and then distribute them into two or more small independent teams each managed by a team lead.

Define the roles for your software development team, as you may know, the role “software developer” has got many branches. Some of them are Architect, DevOps Engineer, Tech Lead, Tech Community Leader etc. And if you work with Scrum, you will need Development Team, Product Owner and Scrum Master.

Management Style

When you already have a team assembled, the next step is going to be choosing a management strategy. Thus, you cannot provide your development team with full freedom and self-management since you have just started working together. Both sides need time and trust to implement this option. It is better to adhere to strict management during the initial stage of team development. Apply self-organization when the team has had experience working together.
Be a good leader. A project development leader combines a good communicator, who is able to set clear requirements and tasks and resolve conflicts if it is needed. A project manager is also responsible for making every developer understand what their role is.

To summarize, keep your team under accurate management, plan ahead each stage of project development and always keep in focus coordinated work of your development team.

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