What is Product Development

Developing and release new products is an important way for businesses to stay ahead of the competition and continue to address the changing needs of existing customers.

Mobile Trends

Trends for Mobile Development

Almost every person with a smartphone becomes the target audience of many types of business. In order to stand out, many companies today are seeking to develop their own applications and create their own markets.

How to organize a team?

How to organize a software development team to boost your business

If you have your own company with size more than five-ten employees, you may have been thinking about how to structure your software development team. Here are some proven methods that will help you set up an organization plan for your team.

Technical Partner for your Startup

Read in Big Digitals Blog why a technical partner is a successful key for your project.

Advantages of Having Mobile Development for Business

People spend lots of their time using digital devices, and the trend of using mobile applications is rapidly continuing its growth. Read more in this article.

Hire vs. Outsource

It is not surprisingly in 2018 to have a lot of ambitions about starting your own business. But besides bright ideas and inspirational stories, you can not avoid the reality. Be ready to face with a lot of aspects if you going to join the community of entrepreneurship. 

There are many existing ways to get money for a young business, such as venture capital firms, grants or economic development programs, but some startups founded with personal savings. In that case, you’ll need to distribute all the funds right. And a process of hiring team could be a problem sometimes.

Benefits of outsourcing development

Let’s go through the pros of hiring an outsource software development company. This is a type of service which offers the most hands-on alternative for those companies located in countries with a high labor cost. It’s let the client’s company get rid of some technical responsibilities and the need for hiring a new labor cost. Each project needs experts who will help to become successful and recognizable on the web. That is why it is a good decision to have your own in-house development support.

Worry about the quality of work when appealing to the outsourcing team or specialist? You may think that it would be too risky for your project. Then think about the fact that each worker is also caring about its reputation in the IT-world. Especially outsourcing company(which involves high-level professionals) is aimed at prolonged cooperation with the client.

With outsourcing development, you can lower your expenses. To hire a middle software engineer in some countries will cost you less than an American or German one. For example, countries as Africa, Armenia, Belarus, and Ukraine have proved the quality of their programmers. Accordingly, outsourcing can be a real “hand of help” when the question refers to deadlines. If you need more specialists for your project, you can provisionally hire employees for the required standard. In that case, your project will be finished faster and provided with better quality.

Still not sure if outsourcing is good for your project? At Big Digitals Ukraine, we are always glad to help! Contact us leaving a request on our website bigdig.com.ua or by an e-mail welcome@bigdig.com.ua.

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Software Development Matters

Alan Turing is credited with being the first person to come up with a theory for software in 1935, which led to the two academic fields of computer science and software engineering.

Nowadays, software engineering is one of the most demand spheres in the Tech industry and we can observe the progress and a growing number of employees in the IT-companies. It is important for entrepreneurs to be aware of software development.

Think about such a thing: the biggest percentage of mobile phone time spent is on applications. And it is worth to remind that the world keeps seeking the high-level progress of absolute optimization in any sphere, the main idea of which is to make people lives easier. Such solutions are in need of software development, and the well-integrated software can lead your business to good results.

MacBook Pro on top of brown wooden dining table

Software mobile and web development bring business to the next level, considered that it allows your project to be available from almost everywhere by using a computer or а smartphone. One more important thing which you should remember about is the way your customers experience your business. Do not avoid having an online platform to make it easier for your clients to reach your services if you want them to give you positive feedback.

Does software development help to implement on-the-go marketing? It actually can promote your products without additional expenses and extra time needed. Software Development allows you to have worldwide clients, and they can access your ads anytime and anywhere. It is hard to imagine nowadays to sell something without the help of the global net.

In the fast developing world of modern technologies, it is essential to keep your business up to date with the latest innovations. Both big and small businesses, whatever their project or startup is about, has needs in software development support. Outdoor advertising today is not so relevant as digital advertising. That is explaining why many entrepreneurs choose to boost its businesses and ideas via social media and websites.  

At “Big Digitals Ukraine”, we believe in power and potency of software development engineering as one of the strongest tools in businesses. Join our community!

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