Mobile Trends

Trends for Mobile Development

Almost every person with a smartphone becomes the target audience of many types of business. In order to stand out, many companies today are seeking to develop their own applications and create their own markets.

Support Price-list

BigDigitals provides 4 types of plans: Basic, Standard, Full and VIP tariff plan. Each of them includes two services – website maintenance and content adding/editing.

The website maintenance includes layout and optimization, adding new blocks, modules, screens, updating plugins and CMS, testing.
Adding/editing content includes publishing new materials, adding media content, creating backups, updating (replacing) content, testing.

DescriptionHours$ per 1 hourCost
 Basic Tariff Plan 5
Content adding/editing (once a week)3 $15$45
   Website maintenance2 $20$40
Subtotal, $$85
DescriptionHours$ per 1 hourCost
 Standard Tariff Plan20
Content adding/editing (twice a week)10 $15$150
   Website maintenance10 $20$200
Subtotal, $$350
DescriptionHours$ per 1 hourCost
 Full Tariff Plan 50
Content adding/editing (3 times per week)20 $15$300
   Website maintenance30 $20$600
Subtotal, $$900
Special price$799
DescriptionHours$ per 1 hourCost
Vip Tariff Plan (Unlimited)100
Content adding/editing (3 times per week)35 $15$525
   Website maintenance65 $20$1 300
Subtotal, $$1 825
Special price$1 499