Xamarin Mobile Development

Learning a new language, the APIs, and other stuff may seem a tedious task and it can make you stick to your platform. But Xamarin can help you build cross-platform mobile applications that can perform almost similar to the platform native applications.

Website Development Flow

Web and mobile development filed is became demanded due to modern business needs. Having a website or mobile application is not just the face of a business, but also a connection with your clients and customers.

Finding your Perfect Investor

To make your idea or even a company(if you already have got one) succeed, you need a clear business plan and reliable investments. Make deep research on different options in creating a business plan for your startup.

Advice to a Young Entrepreneur

The amount of startups founded by young entrepreneurs is growing rapidly. The latest generation are the first to have grown up with the internet, and with the ease of access when it comes to starting a business online.

What is Product Development

Developing and release new products is an important way for businesses to stay ahead of the competition and continue to address the changing needs of existing customers.

BIG Education

BigDigitals in IT-education

Big Digitals Ukraine, the outsourcing IT-company, cooperates with SkillUp Education Center, known all over Ukraine for its development and design courses. Read how inside-company learning positively affects students who aspire to become IT-specialists in the future.

Mobile Trends

Trends for Mobile Development

Almost every person with a smartphone becomes the target audience of many types of business. In order to stand out, many companies today are seeking to develop their own applications and create their own markets.

How to organize a team?

How to organize a software development team to boost your business

If you have your own company with size more than five-ten employees, you may have been thinking about how to structure your software development team. Here are some proven methods that will help you set up an organization plan for your team.

Technical Partner for your Startup

When you are finally ready to move forward from the idea to the stage of something that could really generate you even a minimal profit, you will probably need a particular use case to demonstrate how your idea works and why someone would want to buy it.

Advantages of Having Mobile Development for Business

People spend lots of their time using digital devices, and the trend of using mobile applications is rapidly continuing its growth. Read more in this article.