Our services & forces

1. Naming
2. Legend
3. Logo

4. Corporate identity

Classical methods for brand developing are not always sufficient but they are still the only approach most of the traditional branding and full service advertising agencies apply today. Digital creative agency BIG DIG specializes in developing brands of the future, brands of the new era, brands that will build fast and successful business on the Internet. Before you create a brand name, a logo and corporate identity you should ask yourself: “Will people be able to easily find your website or promo page? Will they want to join your community? Will they tell their friends about you?”

1. Launch on a market
2. Brand awereness

3. Loyalty marketing
4. Activation of sales

The mere marketing strategy is not enough. Internet strategy plays an important part in raising awareness of the brand and building up customer’s loyalty. On the Internet the accents shift drastically, target audience changes as well as its behavior because consumers are not afraid to speak their mind while their persona is hidden behind a virtual mask. This type of marketing and audience requires a different message and we know exactly what kind of messages boost customer’s loyalty. We will help you to choose the right goals and proper means to achieve them. Our specialists will implement your knowledge and maximize all the possible gains your brand can get on the Internet.

1. Promotions and campaings 
2. Game mechanics
3. Viral marketing
4. Communities in social networks

Modern consumer has access to a huge flow of information. In order to break out of the general clutter and reach out to your perspective audience, you should use the most creative solutions. We constantly track the world’s best advertising cases and fresh product promotion mechanics to be able to create new, original and effective ideas. We live in social networks and know exactly how to establish a dialogue with your target audience.

1. Illustrations and art directions
2. Websites development
3. Flash animation
4. iOS and Andriod games and apps development

Nothing draws attention to your marketing message as successfully as a bright, lush, detailed image and clear, fast, convenient functionality. Therefore, we pay maximum of our attention to design and programming. Our individual approach to the creation of graphic images means “hand” design illustrations at any level (brand elements, icons, characters, game elements, animation, etc.). Qualitative approach to design and web developing involves our ability to foresee and take into account all possible nuances and therefore to provide the most comfortable conditions for our software product usage.

1. Media planing
2. Contextual ads
3. Web banner ads
4. Search engine optimization

There are areas which we don’t specialize in. Yet we navigate in those fields easily, with a good deal of knowledge and professionalism. We are always ready to help our clients to effectively allocate media budget, choose the best advertising sites on the Internet, create accurate advertising message, gain popularity in search engines, etc. Our experts and partners are a reliable team that is always ready to help you to solve any manufacturing, media, legal and other issues important for the success of your project.